High resolution infrared inspection applications for preventive maintenance

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High resolution infrared inspection applications for preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance programs have proven critical to keeping a facility in top operating condition to save production stops, asset downtime, and replacement costs. Regularly checking operating temperature remains the critical first line of defense for maintaining uptime, and an infrared camera is the easiest and safest way to visualize temperature.

To keep industrial plants running at optimum levels, plant managers need to maintain and troubleshoot dozens of electromechanical systems. With the thermal sensitivity, resolution, ease of use and innovative new features available in the new Fluke TiX560 and TiX520 Expert Series Infrared Cameras they can help you perform maintenance tasks more quickly and easily, helping you get more done in less time.

Download the Infrared Inspection Guidebook to see real world examples of how you can put these cameras to work for daily use in manufacturing and processing operations. The guidebook contains five application notes in one place to show how infrared inspections:

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Move away from reactive to
a proactive maintenance program

How much does unexpected downtime cost your facility per minute, hour, or day?

Prevent downtime by measuring key indicators on critical equipment so you can discover impending failures and schedule maintenance instead of reacting to downtime. Use the resources below to help create a successful proactive maintenance program.