Once you try CNX™ Wireless Test Tools, you'll feel like the customer above. And we'll let you try it risk free for 30 days. If you try it and decide you don't like it, simply return it. That is how much we believe in what these tools will do for you.

"Try It Risk Free" details:

Returns accepted if the product is:
a) In its original carton
b) Returned within 30 days of purchase
c) Accompanied by the original receipt as proof of purchase
– Receipt must include the Fluke seven (7) digit part number
– Items not on distributor price sheet and service items not coveredv
d) Returned to the distributor from which it was purchased
e) Product was purchased in the United States
f) Return survey is completed: www.fluke.com/CNXSatisfaction
Distributor will accept returned product and refund you based on the price on the receipt.

Terms and conditions:

Program may end at any time without notice from Fluke Corporation. Unauthorized product received or
product not meeting return requirements (see above) will not receive return credit. Tools may be used prior to return.

Void where prohibited by law and is only valid in the United States. Return survey at www.fluke.com/CNXSatisfaction
must be completed. Distributors and representatives are not eligible for this Satisfaction Guarantee program.

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