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Building machine health visibility with IIoT technology

Fluke understands the challenge of keeping your facility up and running. Out of necessity, many plants run a patchwork of strategies to maintain systems, relying on run-to-fail strategies or scheduled preventive maintenance practices with periodic troubleshooting of glitch-prone components. Then there’s the struggle of how to organize all the data.

Instead of refitting the whole plant with new devices, there’s a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy: identify anomalies with wirelessly connected test tools and cloud-based asset management software.

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Move away from reactive to
a proactive maintenance program

How much does unexpected downtime cost your facility per minute, hour, or day?

Prevent downtime by measuring key indicators on critical equipment so you can discover impending failures and schedule maintenance instead of reacting to downtime. Use the resources below to help create a successful proactive maintenance program.