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Fluke 375 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter

Fluke 375 clamp meter conducts high-frequency measurements and is compatible with the new iFlex flexible current probe. Find the right clamp meter for you!

  • Be ready for anything.

    With True RMS AC voltage and current measurements, the Fluke 375 Clamp Meter can read up to 600 V and 600 A in both AC and DC modes, and is capable of frequency measurement up to 500 Hz. Additionally, the 375 is compatible with the new iFlex flexible current probe (sold separately), which expands the measurement range to 2500 A AC.

  • Features and benefits

    • iFlex flexible current probe expands the measurement range to 2500 A AC while providing increased display flexibility, ability to measure awkward sized conductors and improved wire access.
    • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
    • True RMS AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear signals
    • 500 mV DC measurement range to interface with other accessories
    • Integrated low pass filter and state of the art signal processing allows for use in noisy electrical environments while providing stable readings
    • Proprietary inrush measurement technology to filter out noise and capture motor starting current exactly as the circuit protection sees it
    • Ergonomic design fits in your hand and can be used while wearing protective equipment
    • Large, easy to read backlight display automatically sets the correct measurement range so you do not need to change the switch positions while taking a measurement
    • Three-year warranty
    • Soft carrying case

  • Specifications
    Diameter of measurable conductor 1.3 or 34 mm max
    Operating temperature -14 to 122ºF (-10 to 50ºC)
    Storage temperature -40 to 140ºF (-40 to 60ºC)
    Operating humidity < 90% @ 10 to 30ºC, < 75% @ 30 to 40ºC
    Operating altitude 0 to 3000 m
    Size 246 x 83 x 43 mm, (9.685 x 3.267 x 1.692 in.)
    Weight 388g, (14 oz.)
    Temperature coefficient 0.01% ºC
    (< 18ºC or > 28ºC)
    Warranty Three years for electronics
    One year for cable and clamp assembly
    • Models
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 375 Fluke 375 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter


      • Coated instruction card
      • Safety information sheet
      • Soft carrying case
      • TL75 test leads
      • Two AA Alkaline batteries
    • Cases & Holsters
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke C550 Fluke C550 Tool Bag Fluke Store
      Fluke C781 Fluke C781 Meter Case Fluke Store
      Fluke CAMO-37 Fluke CAMO-37 Camouflage Carrying Case Fluke Store
    • Clips
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke AC220 Fluke AC220 SureGripTM Alligator Clips Fluke Store
      Fluke AC87 Fluke AC87 Heavy Duty Bus Bar Clip Set Fluke Store
      Fluke AC89 Fluke AC89 Heavy Duty Insulation Piercing Test Clip Fluke Store
    • Compatible Products
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke LVD1 Fluke LVD1 Volt Light Fluke Store
    • Light
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke L206 Fluke L206 Deluxe LED Hat Light Fluke Store
    • Test Leads
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TL75 Fluke TL75 Hard PointTM Test Lead Set Fluke Store
      Fluke TLK220 Fluke TLK-220 SureGripTM Industrial Test Lead Kit Fluke Store
    • Test Leads, Probes & Clips
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TL175 Fluke TL175 TwistGuardTM Test Leads Fluke Store
    • Test Probes
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TP1 Fluke TP1 Slim Reach Test Probes Fluke Store
    • Manuals
      374/375/376 Users Manual Download
      374/375/376 User's Manual Supplement Download
      374/375/376 Statement of Memory Volatility Download
      374/375/376 Calibration Manual Download
      374/375/376 Calibration Manual Supplement Download
      374/375/376 Manual do usuário Download
      374/375/376 Bedienungshandbuch Download
      374/375/376 Users Manual Download
      374/375/376 Käyttöohje Download
      374/375/376 Mode d'emploi Download
      374/375/376 Användarhandbok Download
      374/375/376 Users Manual Download
      374/375/376 Brukerhåndbok Download
      374/375/376 使用手冊 Download
      374/375/376 Manual de uso Download
      374/375/376 Manuale per l’uso Download
      374/375/376 Handleiding Download
      374/375/376 Руководство пользователя Download
      374/375/376 Brugsanvisning Download
      374/375/376 คมอผใช Download
      374/375/376 Instrukcja użytkownika Download
      374/375/376 用户手册 Download
      374/375/376 ユーザーズ・マニュアル Download
      374/375/376 Uživatelská příručka Download
      374/375/376 TUV SUD Certificate of Conformity Download
    • Brochures
      Clamp Family Brochure Download
      Clamp Meter Selection Guide Download
    • Application Notes
      Who sets the rules for electrical testing and safety? Download
      Clamp meters - they can do more than just measure circuit loads Download
      Inrush current Download
      Clamp meter ABCs Download
    • Data Sheets
      Fluke 375/374 Data Sheet Download