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Fluke Reliable Power Meters Multipoint Power Recorder

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This product is discontinued or reclassified

  • High-Speed Capability for Permanent Installation

    Designed for permanent installations, Multipoint performs just like the portable Power Recorder simultaneously measuring all power quality parameters, as well as power consumption and harmonics. The system consists of a detachable acquisition unit and a base that manages connections to your power system.

    Full Disclosure Technology is included with Multipoint, making it a unique, professional tool that increases your ability to maintain and troubleshoot your plant’s power quality.

    Read more about Full Disclosure technology in the Multipoint Power Recorder® datasheet.

  • Multipoint features:



    • 2 MS/s sampling system for capturing and viewing high-speed events as fast as 500 ns
    • 4 voltage channels – three phases plus neutral-to-ground. Measure up to 600 Vrms, 1000 Vpeak
    • 5 current channels allow you to monitor neutral and ground current in addition to phases designed to connect to industry-standard 5-amp CT’s. Also available with connections for clamp-on CT’s
    • Measurement system docks with a permanently-mounted base, allowing calibration or service without having to shut down power
    • Capture up to 6,000 simultaneous voltage events with simultaneous current, in each monitoring session
    • Multi-session option allows for 16 sessions, effectively multiplying event capture capability to 96,000 events
    • 128 samples per cycle -- on every cycle at 50 or 60 Hz
    Measurement Features
    Basic functions
     Logging RMS voltage and RMS current on all channels
     Phasor diagrams
     Frequency trends
     Real-time oscilloscope display of voltage and current on all channels
    1652 Power consumption (included)
     Watts and demand trends
     KWH, individual phases and total
     VA and VAR trends
     Power Factors trends, true and displacement
     Oscilloscope display of power meters for each phase
    1653 Harmonics (included)
     Voltage and current THD trends
     Voltage and current unbalance
     Harmonic spectrum, phase, magnitude to 63rd harmonic
     Tracking of individual harmonics
    1651 Power Quality (included)
     Voltage waveshape faults as short as 130 µs duration, 1000 V peak
     Voltage sags/swells
     Simulations current corresponding to correlated with voltage events
     Power tolerance curves
    1658 High Speed Power Quality (included in 1948 and 1949)
     Voltage and current waveshape faults
     Voltage and current sags/swells
     Power tolerance curves
     Transients as short as 500 ns duration, 6400 V peak; with peak detect or detailed waveform graphs
    1956 External CT (included in 1942 and 1949)
     Allows use of external RPM current transformers
    Multipoint Options
    1662 Multi-session option
     Allows a recorder to store up to 16 measurement sessions
     Each session can consist of up to 6000 events, increasing the event storage to 96,000
    1663 TCP/IP option
     Enables Ethernet-equipped instruments to communicate via Internet


    Real time waveform



    • Shows up to 9 channels (4 voltage, 5 current)
    • Includes ground and neutral current


    Trend Windows



    • Provides an overview of power parameters-fast
    • Measurements are processed for every cycle
    • Min, max and average values are plotted so you can quickly see the worst case


    Real-time meters and vector diagrams



    • Display watts, VA, VAR, power factor and displacement power factor


    Track demand using averaging intervals



    • Use averaging intervals from 5 minutes to 1 hour


    Display harmonics up to the 63rd



    • Display harmonics up to the 63rd as a spectrum or a table
  • Technical Data: number of channels: 9 (4 voltage, 5 current)
    Voltage (phases)
     Range: 100mV – 600 Vms, 1000 V peak
     Resolution: 14 bits, 90 millivolts
     Accuracy +/- (% of reading + floor): +/- (1.5% +0.5V)
    Voltage (neutral)
     Range: 10 mV-70 Vms, 100 V peak
     Resolution: 14 bits, 90 millivolts
     Accuracy +/- (% of reading + floor): (1.5% +0.5V)
    External current (1942 & 1949)
     Range: Depends upon CT
     Resolution: 14 bits
     Accuracy +/- (% of reading + floor): +/- (0.5% + 0.1% of probe range + probe accuracy)
    Internal current (1941 & 1948)
     Range: 20 A maximum
     Resolution: 14 bits
     Accuracy +/- (% of reading + floor): +/-(1% + 0.04 A)
    Nominal fundamental frequency
     Range: 50/60 Hz +/- 0.1 Hz
    Voltage and current sampling
     128 samples per cycle on 50/60 Hz
    Voltage and current sampling rate
     6.4 / 7.7 kS/s depending upon line frequency
    Voltage and current rms measurements
     Processed for every full cycle
    Power measurements
     W, VA, VAR, PF, dPF, THD, harmonics processed for every full cycle
    Waveform fault measurements (1941 & 1942) Sampling rate Impulse voltage
     Range: 6.4 / 7.7 kS/s depending upon line frequency
     Range: 100 – 1000 V peak
     Resolution: 10 bits, 12 volts
     Accuracy +/- (% of reading + floor): +/- (5% + 36 V) over entire range
    Impulse measurements (1948 & 1949) Sampling rate Impulse voltage
     Range: 2 MHz
     Range: 100 – 6400 V peak
     Resolution: 10 bits, 12 volts
     Accuracy +/- (% of reading + floor): +/- (5% +36V) over entire range
    General Specifications
    Event memory
     6,000 simultaneous voltage and current events (96,000 with option 166Z) Multi-session increases storage to 96,000
     10-base T Ethernet, RJ 45 Connector, Optional TC/PIP Stack enables communication via Internet
     Operating Voltages: 85 - 264 V AC, 47 – 440 Hz
     Power Consumption: 40 Watts
     Batteries: Rechargeable NiCd battery maintains operation after power loss for 5 minutes, allowing the monitor to record outage, reclosure attempts, and to resume monitoring upon restoration of power. Real time clock is backed up using a lithium battery with 10-year life
     Size: 31.47 cm x 29.36 cm x 15.24 (cm12.39” x 11.56” x 6”)
     Weight: 6 Kg (9 lbs.)
     Operating Temperature: 0° – 50° C (32° - 122° F), 90% RH non-condensing
     IEC 868
     1 year
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke Multipoint Power Recorder Fluke Reliable Power Meters Multipoint Power Recorder
      Reliable Power Meters Multipoint Power Recorder
    • Manuals
      Multipoint Power Recorder Installation Guide Download
      Multipoint Power Recorder Installation Guide Supplement Download