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Fluke TP40 Automotive Back Probe Pins (five)

Fluke TP40 Automotive Back Probe Pins (five)
  • Flexible and formable 1-¼ inch pin provides an easy connection past weather pack seals to connector conductors. Tested to over 60 VDC, these pins are a must-have for fuel injectors, TPS and MAP sensors, as well as for any underhood or under vehicle connector with weather pack seals. The bright yellow body stands out in an engine compartment to ensure they are not left behind. Easily connects to test leads that have removable ends such as the TL224.

    • Banana jack accepts all DMM and banana jack leads
    • Tested to 60 V DC
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke TP40 Fluke TP40 Automotive Back Probe Pins (five)
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