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Fluke ScenarioTM Analysis Software

Fluke Scenario™ Analysis Software
  • Scenario – Advanced data analysis and management

    Millions of power cycles occur every day. You can measure every single one, but then what do you do with the information? Scenario allows you to build a hierarchy of data bases to help manage data collected during various power studies or from multiple locations.

    • Real-time meters and waveforms, phasors, and harmonic spectra are available at the click of a button
    • Zoom in and out on trends and events to get the complete picture
    • Maintain your library of power quality studies using notation and compression tools
    • Get immediate access to real-time data, such as waveform oscilloscopes and power meters
    • Database technology supports multi-user access and ODBC
    • Power Quality Index characterizes the historical performance of your power system with an eye towards the future
    • Use Scenario to plot events from one or more instruments against power tolerance curves, such as CBEMA or the ITIC curve
    • Change settings, display real-time data, and download measurements/events from one or more Power Recorder, Insite or Multipoint. Connect directly or via LAN or WAN
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      Model Name Description  
      Fluke Scenario Analysis Software Fluke ScenarioTM Analysis Software
      Fluke Scenario™ Analysis Software