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Fluke SC860 Software and Optically-Isolated Cable

  • The SC860 Software and Optical Cable Kit provides everything needed to connect an 860 Series multimeter to a PC. The kit includes FlukeView 860 Software and an Optically Isolated Serial Cable. FlukeView Software provides functions that turn the PC into a tool for documenting, analyzing, and archiving measurements. The cable allows the DMM to measure up to 1000 volts, optically isolating the PC from the multimeter.

    • Capture graphical multimeter screens
    • Log measurements to PC in either text or graphical formats
    • Download digitized waveforms
    • Create databases of measurements
    • Windows® compatible
    • File export to word processors and spreadsheets
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke SC860 Fluke SC860 Software and Optically-Isolated Cable
      Software and Optically-Isolated Cable