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Fluke PM9381 Polaroid® Camera

This product is discontinued or reclassified

Fluke PM9381 Polaroid® Camera
  • Camera system for instant photographic recording of oscillograms. It can be used as a handheld camera, or used with spacer body and oscilloscope bezel for fixed installation and longer exposure times.

  • Specifications
    Object to Image Ratio 1: 0.85
    Lens 70 mm f/3.5
    Shutter Automatic Shutter Release, mechanical, 1 s to 1/125 s and B; sync contact for event triggering
    Film Back Fixed, suitable for Polaroid type 107
    Adapters Supplied Handheld type and PM 8978/011, matching PM 3082, PM 3094 and PM 3370A/B, PM 3394A/B
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke PM9381/001 Fluke PM9381 Polaroid® Camera
      Polaroid® Camera