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Fluke 700PD5 Dual Pressure Module

This product is discontinued or reclassified

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Fluke 700PD5 Dual Pressure Module
  • Display pressure readings in any of 10 different pressure units you specify in the calibrator setup

    • Rugged urethane molded case protects the module from rough handling and harsh conditions
    • Features internal temperature compensation from 0°C to 50°C for full-accuracy performance
    • Includes NIST-traceable calibration certificate
    • Module can be calibrated locally using the Fluke 700PCK Pressure Calibration Kit, a PC, and a precision pressure source
    • One year warranty
  • Specifications
    Range -15/30 psi / -100/207 kPa
    Resolution 0.001 / 0.01
    Reference uncertainty (23 ± 3°C) 0.025%
    Total¹ uncertainty 1 year 0.050
    High side media² 316 SS
    Low side media² Dry
    1. Total uncertainty, one year for temperature range 0°C to +50°C.
    Total uncertainty, 1.0% of full span for temperature range -10°C to 0°C.
    Compensated temperature range is 15°C to 35°C.

    2. "Dry" indicates dry air or non-corrosive gas as compatible media.
    "316 SS" indicates media compatible with Type 316 Stainless Steel.
    "C276" indicates media compatible with Hastelloy C276.
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700PD5 Fluke 700PD5 Dual Pressure Module
      Dual Pressure Module
    • Manuals
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