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Fluke 700HTP-2 Hydraulic Test Pump

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Fluke 700HTP-2 Hydraulic Test Pump
  • The Fluke 700HTP-2 is a hand operated hydraulic pressure pump designed to generate calibration pressures up to 10,000 psi/690 bar. Designed for use with Fluke-700 series high pressure modules such as the Fluke-700P09, 700P29, 700P30 and 700P31.

    Ideal for calibration when connected to a Fluke high pressure module via the reference port. The 700HTP-2 uses distilled water or mineral-based hydraulic oil as a source for calibration of high pressure input devices such as pressure transmitters or pressure gauges. Can also be used with Fluke 717 pressure calibrators.

    • Variable size stroke adjustment, allows the user to vary the volume and pressure per stroke
    • Integral pressure adjustment vernier knob for fine pressure adjustment
    • Directly connection to pressure modules consolidates two separate pieces into one when performing pressure calibration and testing
    • Two ¼ inch NPT pressure ports, one for reference (pressure module or gauge), one for UUT
    • Compatible with optional Fluke-700PRV pressure relief valve designed to protect pressure modules from overpressure damage
    • Improved priming
    • Improved stroke limiting mechanism

    Note: The user must provide a hose with appropriate end fittings to apply pressure from the UUT port to the calibration unit under test such as the Fluke-700HTH-1 hose kit.

  • Mechanical and General Specifications
    Size (L x W x D) 9.5 x 6.1 x 2.6 in (241 x 155 x 66 mm)
    Weight 1.29 lb (.58 kg)
    Warranty One year
    Material Wetted materials: 303 stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane, PTFE, nitrile, and nylon
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 700HTP 2 Fluke 700HTP-2 Hydraulic Test Pump
      Hydraulic Test Pump


      • ¼ inch NPT to ¼ inch NPT adapter to connect the reference gauge port on the pump body to the 1/4 NPT female fitting on Fluke 700P29, P30, and P31 pressure modules.
      • (2) ¼ inch NPT male to ¼ inch BSP Female adapters
      • ¼ inch NPT Tee (installed)
      • Instruction sheet
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    • Manuals
      700HTP-2 使用说明单 Download
      700HTP-2 Instruction Sheet Download
      700HTP-2 Fiche d´instruction Download
      700HTP-2 Anleitungsblatt Download
      700HTP-2 Foglio di istruzioni Download
      700HTP-2 Folha de instruções Download
      700HTP-2 Инструкция по применению Download
      700HTP-2 Hoja de instrucciones Download
      700HTP-2 Instruction Sheet Supplement Download
      700HTP-2 Statement of Memory Volatility Download