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Fluke 3212/RPM Flexi-CTTM Flexible Current Transformer

Fluke 3212/RPM Flexi-CT™ Flexible Current Transformer
  • Fluke Power Quality Current Transformers are specially designed to work seamlessly with Fluke Power Quality/RPM Full Disclosure Power Monitors. All Flexi-CT's are matched to take full advantage of your instrument's ability to set scale factors for accurate readings.

    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 3212/RPM Fluke 3212/RPM Flexi-CTTM Flexible Current Transformer
      Flexi-CT™ Flexible Current Transformer
    • Compatible Products
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke 1750 Fluke 1750-TF Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder
      Fluke 1750 Fluke 1750/B Three-Phase Basic Power Quality Recorder
    • Manuals
      3210-PR 使用说明单 Download
      3210-PR Instruction Sheet Download
      3210-PR Fiche d´instruction Download
      3210-PR Anleitungsblatt Download
      3210-PR Hoja de instrucciones Download
      3210-PR-TF 使用说明单 Download
      3210-PR-TF Instruction Sheet Download
      3210-PR-TF Fiche d´instruction Download
      3210-PR-TF Anleitungsblatt Download
      3210-PR-TF Hoja de instrucciones Download
      3310-PR-TF/3312-PR-TF Instruction Sheet Download
      3310-PR-TF/3312-PR-TF Fiche d´instruction Download
      3310-PR-TF/3312-PR-TF Anleitungsblatt Download
      3310-PR-TF/3312-PR-TF Hoja de instrucciones Download
      3310-PR/3312-PR 使用说明单 Download
      3310-PR/3312-PR Instruction Sheet Download
      3310-PR/3312-PR Fiche d´instruction Download
      3310-PR/3312-PR Anleitungsblatt Download
      3310-PR/3312-PR Hoja de instrucciones Download