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Macro Infrared Lens RSE

Fluke Macro IR Lens for the RSE300 & RSE600; ideal for R&D and electronics design and validation; view thermal patterns on very small targets.

Fluke macro infrared lens
  • Fluke macro infrared lens
  • Fluke macro lens mounted on RSE infrared camera
  • Close up macro lens (0.5x) for inspection and analysis of even smaller subjects in research and development applications.

    Applications: Research and development, extremely small targets, PCB boards (heat dissipation), semiconductor substrates, and seals.

    Compatible with RSE300, RSE600.

  • Description
    IFOV (spatial resolution)
    320 x 240 camera
    640 x 480 cameras

    0.89 mRad
    0.63 mRad
    Field of view
    320 x 240 camera
    640 x 480 cameras

    16° H x 12° V
    23° H x 17° V
    Minimum focus distance 1 cm (approximately 0.43 in)
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      FLK MACRO LENS Macro Infrared Lens RSE

      For use with the RSE300, and RSE600 Infrared Cameras.

    • Compatible Products
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Camera
      Fluke RSE600 Mounted Infrared Camera