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4x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens RSE

Fluke 4x Telephoto IR Smart Lens for RSE300, RSE600; ideal for petrochemical, electrical utilities, and metals refinement.

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Fluke 4x telephoto lens
  • Fluke 4x telephoto lens
  • Fluke 4x telephoto lens mounted on RSE infrared camera
  • View your target magnified 4 times more than a standard lens while staying on the ground or a safe distance away. A 4x telephoto lens can help identify a potential issue in your equipment, even when your target is as tiny and distant as a failed splice on a high electrical line or an overheated refractory on a tall flare stack.

    • Avoid the hassle of sending in your camera to calibrate with the lens - with smart lenses you can just attach the lens to any compatible camera and start taking images.
    • This lens includes a patent-pending lens attachment system that holds the lens securely in place, reducing lens wobble.
    • Made of 100 % diamond-turned germanium with an engineered coating, the most efficient available material to transmit energy to the detector.

    Compatible with RSE300, and RSE600.

  • Description
    IFOV (spatial resolution)
    320 x 240 camera
    640 x 480 cameras

    0.33 mRad
    0.25 mRad
    Field of view
    320 x 240 camera
    640 x 480 cameras

    6° H x 4.5° V
    9° H x 7° V
    Minimum focus distance 254 cm (approximately 100 in)
    • Model
      Model Name Description  
      FLK 4X LENS 4x Telephoto Infrared Smart Lens RSE

      For use with the RSE300, and RSE600 Infrared Cameras.

    • Compatible Products
      Model Name Description  
      Fluke RSE300 Mounted Infrared Camera
      Fluke RSE600 Mounted Infrared Camera