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PRESS RELEASE : Index-2 SpO2 Analyzer Welcomes New Enhancements

CARSON CITY, NV -- Fluke Biomedical Corporation (FBC) is proud to announce a new firmware release for the Index-2 SpO2 analyzer. This firmware, which provides customers with new testing capabilities and strengthens the Index-2 position as the market leader, comes standard in all new instruments and existing instruments can easily be upgraded.

Transmission Level Control (TLC): Today, SpO2 simulations are based on a fixed finger thickness. With the Index-2's implementation of TLC, pulse oximeters and probe performance is thoroughly tested over a wide range of simulated finger thicknesses. This capability easily facilitates the ability to compare performance between brands, models, and probes. In addition a base line can be established that will detect minute degradations in performance prior to the development of major problems. Quality-minded medical device manufacturers and biomedical engineers will appreciate this new testing feature while evaluating pulse oximeters.

Three new R-curves for Philips Medical Systems (formerly Agilent / H-P): Philips Medical Systems (PMS) provided a customized R-curve for the Index-2 that is fully compatible with their PMS M1190 re-useable SpO2 probe. This probe is used throughout their extensive patient monitoring and cardiac resuscitation product lines. PMS also provided FBC with two additional customized Index-2 R-curves for earlier PMS SpO2 probes.

New N-10 R-curve:The Nellcor N-10 R-curve is updated to more accurately simulate SpO2 with the Nellcor N-10 Pulse Oximeter.

The Index-2 is the industry standard SpO2 analyzer and is used by major manufacturers such as Nellcor, Masimo, Philips Medical Systems, Datex-Ohmeda, Criticare and other industry leaders. The Index-2 implements several patent-protected techniques for optical simulation and motion, including sixteen (16) motion pre-sets co-developed with both Masimo and Nellcor. Index-2 was the first SpO2 simulator to support Masimo technology and still is the only simulator on the market that combines both optical and electrical simulation with dynamic SpO2 sensor and probe testing in one portable test instrument.

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