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PRESS RELEASE : Hart Scientific's latest secondary PRT sets new standard for high temperature measurements

AMERICAN FORK, UT — Hart Scientific, the world leader in temperature calibration products and services, announces a 10-ohm platinum resistance thermometer (PRT), which can read temperatures as high as 1000 °C. Its unique sensor design allows for PRT performance at very high temperatures, making it a suitable standard for calibration of high-temperature RTDs and thermocouples.

The Hart Scientific Model 5624 includes a NIST-traceable, NVLAP-accredited fixed-point calibration covering the range of 0 °C to 962 °C. Accuracy (including short-term stability and calibration uncertainty) of ±0.055 °C is provided over the full range of calibration. After one year of use, the Model 5624 drifts less than 10 mK at 0 °C. A uniquely small sensor construction creates low immersion requirements, allowing the Hart Scientific 5624 to be used as a reference standard in 6" (153 mm) dry-well calibrators and furnaces. Enclosed in an alumina sheath, the Model 5624 will not experience the contamination problems that commonly plague metal-sheathed PRTs at high temperatures. The Hart Scientific 5624 PRT is priced at $2,395 which includes the fixed-point calibration and protective case. Units ship 30 days ARO.

Hart Scientific, a Fluke company, designs, manufactures, and markets temperature measurement and calibration equipment. The Hart Scientific product line includes primary standards, thermometer readouts and probes, temperature baths, industrial calibrators and software. Primary and secondary laboratories, as well as a growing number of manufacturing companies who rely on precise temperature controls for manufacturing processes, use the equipment. These industries include pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, semiconductor, aerospace, food products and others. For more information contact Hart Scientific Inc. at 801-763-1600, visit their Web site at, or e-mail