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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imagers are Optimized for Building Diagnostic Applications

EVERETT, Wash. – Fluke Corporation, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, today announced the Fluke TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imagers, designed as an affordable and complete solution optimized for building envelope, restoration and remediation, inspection and roofing applications.

Both models incorporate IR Fusion®, a patent-pending technology that integrates infrared and visual (visible light) images in full screen or picture-in-picture views for enhanced problem detection and analysis.  IR-Fusion helps users recognize image details and better identify problem areas by quickly scrolling through the different viewing modes.  As the only thermal imagers available today in this format and price range that incorporate this capability in both the camera and in the software, Fluke thermal imaging products can be an affordable and easy solution for helping users quickly identify potential problem areas and begin analysis in the field.

The TR1 and TiR are designed to make the use of thermal imaging affordable and effective for day-to-day use by building diagnostic professionals, restoration and remediation specialists and roofing professionals.  The thermal imagers feature the ability to record and save voice comments with every image taken (TiR1 only), a three-button menu designed for intuitive operation and navigation with the push of a thumb, and on-screen emissivity correction (TiR1 only).

The rugged Fluke TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imagers are tested to withstand a drop of 6.5 feet (2 meters), and are IP54 rated to withstand water and dust.  With a widescreen, full color LCD display, optimized thermal sensitivity, and a temperature measurement range of -20 °C to +100 °C, the thermal imagers are suitable for most building diagnostics applications, allowing users to operate from a safe distance and still see small temperature differences.

Fluke SmartView™ software (with free software upgrades for the life of the product) is included with each thermal imager.  A modular suite of tools for viewing, annotating, editing and analyzing infrared images, SmartView software fully supports Fluke IR Fusion technology, enabling users to edit images in five viewing modes and generate customizable, professional-looking reports in a few steps.

The imagers include a 2 GB SD memory card that will store at least 3,000 basic infrared images (.bmp file format) or 1,200 fully radiometric (.is2 IR Fusion file format) infrared and linked visual images, each with 60 seconds of voice annotation (TiR1 only), as well as an SD card reader (USB) for downloading images into a computer.  Each thermal imager comes with a rugged hard carry case and a soft transport bag, an adjustable hand strap for right- or left-handed use, rechargeable internal battery and AC power supply/battery charger (including mains adapters).

Use the Fluke TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imagers for applications including:

  • Roofing Surveys:  Detect wet areas in roofing systems quickly and efficiently.  Find wet portions of the roofing structure and repair or replace before the entire roof is damaged.
  • Energy Audits:  Perform infrared energy audits for residential and commercial applications.  Increase the thermal efficiency of a home or building by scanning for thermal heat loss, air infiltration or exfiltration, or air delivery problems.
  • Moisture/Restoration:  Accurately detect moisture issues located behind exterior and interior walls, in ceilings or under carpet-covered floors.
  • Mold Remediation:  Control mold by finding unknown sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected.

Fluke IR Fusion Technology
IR-Fusion technology (patent pending) facilitates real time pixel-for-pixel merging of infrared and visible light images together on a single display.  Providing five viewing modes – each designed to add greater clarity, accuracy and a valuable frame of reference to infrared images – IR-Fusion is the only technology to allow users to manipulate images right on the camera’s display and is designed specifically to allow users to find problems not commonly detected with similar infrared imaging cameras.

IR-Fusion captures infrared and visible light images and simultaneously displays the images combined together, adding a new dimension of detail that saves time and money and best conveys infrared information of each specific application and environment.  Viewing modes include: 

  • Full Infrared – high-resolution standard infrared images.
  • Full Visible Light (this mode available only in the software of the Fluke TiR1 and TiR models) – a visual (visible light) image like you would get with a digital camera.
  • Picture-in-Picture – an IR image portal surrounded by a visual (visible light) frame for reference.
  • Auto (Automatic) Blending (this mode available on the Fluke TiR1 and in the software of the Fluke TiR) – combines infrared and visual (visible light) images blended together at user-adjustable levels for the greatest image clarity.
  • IR/Visible Alarm (this mode available only in the software of the Fluke TiR1 and TiR models) – displays only the portions of the image that fall above, below or between a user-specified temperature range as IR, leaving the remainder of the image as full visual (visible light).

IR-Fusion makes it easier to identify details and potential problems by managing and analyzing images with complete control over both the infrared and visible light spectrums.  The ability to combine images on-camera and optimize images in real-time, combined with an exclusive on-screen, laser pointing indicator, improves primary target identification, enhances issue locating efficiency and offers a tremendous advantage in reporting clarity.

Pricing and Availability
Part of a growing line of Fluke test tools designed specifically for building diagnostics, HVAC/R and indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals, the Fluke TiR1 and TiR Thermal Imagers are available immediately for a suggested US list price of $6,995 for the TiR1 and $4,495 for the TiR.  For more information on the Fluke TiR1 and Fluke TiR or the full range of Fluke thermal imaging products, visit Thermography or contact Fluke Corporation, P.O. Box 9090, Everett, WA USA 98206-9090, call 800-760-4523 or email


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