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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke IR InSight® XS and XST Portable Infrared Imagers Offer Industry-Leading Thermal Sensitivity and Image Quality for Building Survey Applications

EVERETT, Wash. – Fluke Corporation, the global leader in handheld electronic test and measurement technology, today announced the Fluke IR Insight® XS and XST Portable Infrared Imagers, which combine the image quality and thermal sensitivity needed for quick, accurate building diagnostics use. Part of a growing line of Fluke test tools designed specifically for HVAC/R and indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals, the Fluke IR Insight imagers are optimized for low-contrast thermal applications with industry-leading thermal sensitivity (≤ 0.07 °C NETD), allowing users to see detail and uncover problems not visible with many other thermal imaging products.

The Fluke IR Insight infrared imagers include SmartView™ software for navigating, analyzing and enhancing IR images, and for easily generating customized professional infrared survey reports.

The 160 x 120 focal plane array imagers deliver sharp gray scale or color images on a 3.5 inch, 30-bit color, high-resolution, high-contrast display. Designed for simple, one-button operation, the rugged, durable Fluke IR Insight infrared imagers are suitable for use in building diagnostic applications including:

  • Industrial roofing: Detect water-saturated portions of flat-roof systems so they can be repaired or replaced.
  • Moisture remediation: Quickly and accurately locate potential moisture issues behind interior walls, in ceilings or under carpet-covered floors.
  • Energy audits: Increase the thermal efficiency of residential and commercial buildings by scanning for heat loss, air infiltration or exfiltration, or air delivery problems.
  • Home inspection: Provide cost-effective detection of insulation defects, water intrusion, moisture retention and ventilation problems.

The Fluke IR Insight XS and XST Portable Infrared Imagers are available immediately at a US list price of $7,995 for the Fluke IR Insight XS, and a US list price of $8,995 for the Fluke IR Insight XST. For more information on the IR Insight® XS and XST Portable Infrared Imagers and other Fluke tools for HVAC/IAQ professionals, visit IAQ, or contact Fluke Corporation, PO Box 9090, Everett, WA USA 98206, call (888) 308-5277, fax (425) 446-5116, or e-mail

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