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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke Introduces Electrical Measurement

Everett, Wash. - Fluke, a world leader in test and measurement products and services, today unveiled a multi-part safety information program aimed at reducing hazards for people measuring electrical energy, and helping reduce risk and liability for employers.

The program, available free of charge through the Fluke website (URL here), is based on safety guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Electrotechnical Conference (IEC) and other safety regulators.

Industry sources estimate that between five and ten times a day, arc flash explosions take place in the U.S sufficient to send a burn victim to a special burn center. Voltage kickback spikes common in electrical systems can damage or destroy measurement tools and, if they occur during the measurement process, can trigger an arc flash.

Available on CD – one copy free for each user -- the Fluke electrical measurement safety program includes:

  • Safety Video -- This 25-minute video dramatizes the hazards of electrical measurement and explains the precautions that help defend against the arc flash. Includes the experience of an electrician almost killed by arc flash.
  • Test Tool Post-Test – This quick test helps electrical professionals determine whether the test tools they are using meet today’s safety standards.
  • Interview with an Arc Blast Survivor – This electrician was lucky. He survived an arc blast and he’s back on the job, though his recovery required months of painful skin grafts. Hear what happened, and what he learned.
  • Does Your Meter Measure Up? – The only way to know for sure is by conducting a safety audit of your test tools and equipment. Here’s how.
  • Safety Application Notes – Each of these brief notes is designed to serve as the basis of a safety meeting discussion or as a chapter in the electrical safety reference library. They cover such topics as “10 Dumb Things Smart People Do When Testing Electricity,” “ABCs of Electrical Measurement Safety,” “Differences in Voltage Testers Can Be Shocking,” “Are Your Test Tools Safety-Ready?” and “Don’t Risk CAT IV Areas Without the Right Leads.”

To order the Fluke Electrical Measurement Safety package from the Fluke Corporation website, go to The package is also available on DVD or video tape for a $20 charge.

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