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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke Increases Waveform Memory and Adds FFT Spectrum Analysis to the ScopeMeter® 190 Series

Everett, Wash. - Fluke, a world leader in test and measurement products and services, has increased the measurement and analysis capabilities of the ScopeMeter â 190 Series hand-held oscilloscopes. The waveform memory on all models has been enlarged from 1200 to 3000 samples per channel, while the 190C models (with color screens) have now gained further frequency spectrum analysis functionality, two new trigger modes and cursor-limited automatic measurement capability.

The deeper, 3000 samples per channel waveform memory provides much greater resolution for finding and analyzing very small detail on stored waveforms. This is particularly useful in applications like checking the color burst in a video signal, or examining a single pulse in a complex data stream.

The frequency spectrum analysis functionality on the 190C ScopeMeter tools is based on Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) and is used to identify individual frequency components in a signal. This is handy for revealing the effects of mechanical vibration, interference and crosstalk. Amplitudes can be read using either a logarithmic or a linear scale, and the cursor may be used to identify an individual frequency component.

Triggering using a ScopeMeter has always been straightforward thanks to Connect-and-View automatic triggering plus a range of smart triggering modes for specific situations. Two new modes have been added to the 190C models: N-cycle triggering and Dual-slope triggering. N-cycle triggering enables the capture of a ‘live’ image of a signal in circuits like frequency dividers and clock synchronous digital systems. It also simplifies synchronizing on bursts of pulses. Dual-slope triggering enables the ScopeMeter to trigger on both leading- and trailing edges of a signal, useful when making eye-patterns from digital data streams or capturing single-shot phenomena.

By incorporating Cursor-limited automatic measurement on the 190C, the ScopeMeter tool’s measurement capability increases. Whereas it was previously only possible to make automatic measurements on a complete waveform in the memory, it is now possible to define the portion of the waveform of interest using the cursors. This is ideal for measuring power during the first mains cycle after closing the mains switch (to determine the inrush current), or the rms value of a voltage during a user-defined period.

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