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PRESS RELEASE : Long Flexible Small Diameter Thermistor Brings High Accuracy To Harsh Environments

AMERICAN FORK, UT - Hart Scientific, a division of Fluke Corporation and a world leader in temperature calibration products and services, announces the addition of the model 5611T PTFE Probe to its line of secondary reference thermistors. Its PTFE-encapsulated tip, the thickest part of the thermistor, measures only 3 mm in diameter. Its flexible four-wire lead is PTFE-insulated and extends another 6 meters (20 ft).

The flexibility, length and chemical resistance of the 5611T make it a practical solution to many problems experienced in bio-pharmaceutical and other industries with harsh chemical environments. The probe’s calibration and unique construction allow ± 0.01 °C uncertainty readings to be taken quickly in either deep or shallow immersion.

The 5611T PTFE Probe is available for a US list price of $565, and deliveries are two weeks A.R.O. For more information, contact Hart Scientific at 800-GET-HART (801-763-1600 internationally), visit their website at, or email

The Fluke Hart Scientific Division designs, manufactures, and markets temperature and humidity measurement and calibration equipment. The Hart Scientific product line includes primary standards, thermometer readouts and probes, temperature baths, industrial calibrators, humidity chambers, humidity readouts, and software. Primary and secondary laboratories, as well as a growing number of manufacturing companies who rely on precise temperature controls for manufacturing processes, use the equipment. These industries include pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, semiconductor, aerospace, and food products.