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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke debuts new online distributor sales training program

Fluke Corporation has recently created an online training program to provide their authorized distributors' sales people with easy-to-use sales tools to help sell Fluke and Meterman test tools to their customers.

Authorized Fluke distributors may obtain the Web address of the Fluke Distributor Sales Training site from their Fluke representative.

Once distributor sales people register for access to the training Web site, they are given an opportunity to download several sales tools they can use to help customers select the right test tool for their needs. The goal of the training program is not to make the distributor sales people test tool experts and have them remember a huge volume of product features and benefits; it is to provide them with the sales tools to use in customer selling situations.

The training Web site provides some background information on basic electrical concepts, and what the key types of test tools are used for. It reviews each of the sales tools that are available, explaining when in the selling process to use each tool. There are quiz questions about each of the sales tools. Distributor sales people who pass the quizzes receive a free Fluke hat. After going through the training, it becomes clear to distributor sales tools that they will be able to answer customer's technical questions and help them select the right test tool for their job by referring to the sales tools provided in the training.

The sales tools provided on the Web site include:

  • Test tool customer sales guides explaining which customers use which test tools for which applications, and what else they may buy from the distributor for those applications
  • Fluke and Meterman brand selection guide
  • Digital multimeter and clamp meter selection guide
  • Fluke product quick reference guide
  • Meterman product quick reference guide
  • ScopeMeter® test tool quick reference guide
  • Fluke resource contact information

The training Web site is offered with or without audio, to accommodate users with high- and low-speed Internet connections. For more information about the online distributor sales training program, please contact Dennis Palmer, Fluke senior channel marketing manager, at (425) 446-6026 or

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