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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke Biomedical's new, portable ESA601 Electrical Safety Analyzer boosts industry expectations.

CARSON CITY, NV - Fluke Biomedical, the world’s leading supplier of biomedical test equipment, introduces the new ESA601 Electrical Safety Analyzer, designed to initiate a new era of safety testers.


The ESA601’s portable, small size and rugged exterior allows the technician to easily carry it from one test site to the next. 


Included with each unit is the premiere c601 Controller Software, which can turn the manual safety tester into a fully-automated test station.  While using the c601 Controller Software, the user can run autosequences, quickly test, and document the results with accuracy.


To remain compatible with the rapidly harmonizing test standards, the ESA601 is equipped with the ability to test to AAMI and IEC standards, using just one unit, by simply flipping a switch.  ESA601 Product Manager, Michelle Avilez, has been carefully monitoring the industry trends. “Many biomeds and the majority of manufacturers in North America are already required to test to a combination of the AAMI and IEC standards. Because the ESA601 can test to both sets of standards, our customers are able to adapt to these changes at their own pace.”


The ESA601 is available worldwide.  For additional information, please visit, call 800.648.7952, or email



About Fluke Biomedical

Fluke Biomedical is a division of Fluke Corporation, located in Everett, Washington.  Fluke Biomedical is the leading manufacturer of medical test equipment in the world, including electrical safety analyzers, patient simulators, ventilator testers, and a variety of other performance analyzers.  Fluke Biomedical products are used by hospitals, independence service organizations, and manufacturers of medical equipment.