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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke Biomedical Introduces Network Test Tools for Biomedical Technicians

CARSON CITY, NV -- In recent years, the area responsibilities between the IT and Biomedical Departments have become increasingly gray. Most equipment in the Biomedical Department now has the capability, via an Ethernet connection, to communicate with the hospital network. In most cases, the network is under the control of the IT department. When a problem occurs, in the uncertainty of whose responsibility it is to resolve it, the problem remains unfixed.

Fluke Biomedical has teamed up with sister company, Fluke Networks, to offer a series of front-line, network-troubleshooting tools for biomedical technicians in the United States. These tools are low-cost, simple-to-use devices that will help the technician isolate the problem to either the network or the device. Fluke Biomedical offers these four product families: Fluke Biomedical highlighted the following products:

LinkRunner - Improves your troubleshooting and escalation accuracy by helping you to quickly determine if a problem is the network or the PC NIC.

Inline Network Tester - Combines cable, network, and PC configuration testing into one palm-sized tool to help quickly resolve even the toughest connectivity problem.

OneTouch - Provides an in-depth look into your switched network to help technician efficiently locate and resolve network problems.

WaveRunner - A Linux™-powered HP iPAQ™ Pocket PC that verifies 802.11b deployments while detecting the rogue access points and clients that compromise the performance and security of enterprise networks. Gives you the visibility for managing your wireless networks and lets you see what's happening in every corner of your business.

Gary Hoffman, Network Test Tools Product Manager, sees great potential for these new offerings. "Fluke Biomedical is dedicated to keeping up with the biomedical technician's current needs. Every day, they're being asked to do more with less. We're delighted that we can provide them with tools they need to simplify their job."

Fluke Biomedical Corporation (formerly DNI Nevada and Bio-Tek Instrument) is a division of Fluke Corporation, located in Everett, Washington. Fluke Biomedical is the leading manufacturer of medical test equipment in the world, including electrical safety analyzers, patient simulators, ventilator testers, and equipment management software. Our customers include hospitals, independent service organizations, and manufacturers of medical equipment. We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. For more information, call 1-800-648-7952, or email us at