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PRESS RELEASE : Fluke 9640A RF Calibration Reference Source - Fluke Corporation

Everett, Wash. - Fluke Corporation today announced the release of the Fluke 9640A RF Reference Source, designed to simplify RF calibration while improving productivity and lowering cost.

The Fluke 9640A Reference Source is the first RF calibrator to combine level precision, dynamic range and frequency capability in a single instrument. It can be used to calibrate a broad range of RF test equipment including spectrum analyzers, modulation meters and analyzers, RF power meters and sensors, measurement receivers, frequency counters and attenuators. With built-in signal leveling and attenuation, the Fluke 9640A provides the frequency range and precision required to replace many commonly used RF calibration devices including level generators, RF signal generators, power meters and sensors, step attenuators and function generators. The Fluke 9640A is supported by a range of common RF workload procedures within the Fluke MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Measurement Software, allowing quick automation of the calibration process while simplifying the documentation requirements for quality standards and tracking assets.

Designed to handle the broadest portion of the RF calibration workload, the Fluke 9640A provides frequency coverage from 10 Hz up to 4 GHz with a best level accuracy of ± 0.05 dB. It outputs a pure sinusoidal signal with low harmonic and spurious content, helping eliminate differences between the wideband/narrowband and peak/RMS sensors without requiring additional external filters.

The Fluke 9640A also features integrated signal leveling and attenuation within its rugged precision leveling head, eliminating the need to use separate, often difficult-to-automate step attenuators. The leveling head delivers signals directly to the unit under test (UTT), maintaining signal precision and noise immunity throughout a +24 dBm to -130 dBm dynamic range to minimize losses, noise, mismatch errors and to maintain the calibrated integrity of the signal. The Fluke 9640A comes with a 50 ohm leveling head and has an option to add a 75 ohm head, which extends the instrument's capability to calibrate workload with 50 and 75 ohm inputs, a unique characteristic in modern signal sources.

Designed to simplify calibration laboratory applications, the Fluke 9640A features dedicated function keys, context-sensitive softkeys and a bright color display. Users may set a level or frequency step size and deviate the output to match specified target values while the Fluke 9640A displays the calculated UUT error for calibration certificate documentation.

The Fluke 9640A RF Reference Source is available immediately at a US list price of $34,495. For more information on the Fluke 9640A, visit, or contact Fluke Corporation, PO Box 9090, Everett, WA USA 98206, call (888) 308-5277, fax (425) 446-5116, or e-mail

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