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PRESS RELEASE : DHI's PPC4 Command Interpreter Now Available

PHOENIX, Ariz. – DH Instruments, a Fluke Company, has introduced the Command Interpreter feature for its PPC4 pressure controller/calibrator. The Command Interpreter allows PPC4 to interpret and respond to custom remote commands including commands used by non-PPC4 pressure controllers.

The Command Interpreter features a flexible script-based command emulation mechanism to allow the PPC4 to emulate the remote interface of virtually any pressure controller. PPC4 users can access a growing list of command libraries to support specific pressure controller models from other manufacturers. Users can also modify a command library to meet the needs of their specific calibration software. With the Command Interpreter, existing test systems using non-DHI pressure controllers can be upgraded to a PPC4 without having to modify the existing system software.

The Command Interpreter feature increases the PPC4's versatility and ease of use. PPC4 is a high performance instrument that covers the absolute range of 1 kPa (0.15 psi) to 10 MPa (1500 psi) and gauge equivalent including very low differential pressures. The PPC4 includes exclusive, individually characterized, quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules for increased precision and reduced measurement uncertainty. It is also affordable, allowing the user to choose between two user interfaces and select the best fit for their application and budget.

For more information on PPC4 Command Interpreter and other pressure and flow products from DHI, visit To contact DH Instruments, a Fluke Company, call (602) 431-9100, or email

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