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Use your troubleshooting superpowers for good

Unleash your full troubleshooting powers with innovative new tools from Fluke

July 2013

You've got skill. You've got experience. Now you have some groundbreaking new tools that give you powers to assess vibration issues with just a touch, document temperature issues, and even be several places at once.

The new tools

  1. Vibration is one of the earliest indicators of machine health, and the Fluke 805 Vibration Meter gives you a fast, foolproof, and repeatable way to do vibration screening. Simply touch the sensor to motors, pumps, and other mechanical equipment to measure overall vibration as well as test bearing vibration.
  2. Heat is the next major signal of trouble ahead. Where there’s excess friction or resistance, there’s heat. The VT02 Visual IR Thermometer is a groundbreaking troubleshooting camera with an infrared heat map.You get the complete picture of your target with blended visual and thermal heat map images, empowering you to find the exact location of the issue. (Find out more about this groundbreaking technology at FN-VT02.)
  3. When solving problems requires you to measure, monitor, and record multiple readings from multiple locations all at the same time, the Fluke CNX wireless system connects you to problems faster and more conveniently. Modules measure ac voltage, ac current, temperature, and more. And you can see those live readings from the wireless CNX multimeter up to 20 meters away.

Alone, each of these tools offers fast, easy, and affordable new ways to solve problems. Together, they vastly expand your troubleshooting powers. Quickly find out what’s a problem and what’s not. You’ll stay out of panic mode, be able to proactively plan maintenance, and reduce overall downtime.

Seven troubleshooting scenarios

We have a few scenarios that demonstrate how you can use your new powers:

  1. Breaker panel problems
  2. Tracking down motor trouble
  3. What’s wrong with a rooftop HVAC system
  4. Finding intermittent faults on a food processing line
  5. Intermittent motor overload
  6. Diagnosing a three-phase motor without suiting up
  7. Pump occasionally blows a fuse