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January - February 2013

The readers of Fluke News Plus and the Fluke newsletters are a pretty sharp lot. Not much gets by them.

And that includes, from time to time, spotting something inaccurate in one of our articles.

Fluke news readers ensure accuracy

If they (you) take the time to let us know, then we can make corrections.

For example, in a recent edition of Fluke Plant News a diagram was just not right. We’ve fixed it, and if you go to “Texas Power Consultant Keeps Uninterruptible Power Supplies Up and Running” you’ll see a diagram that conveys the concept accurately.

In Fluke Electrical News, a photo caption gave the wrong impression. One of our alert readers reminded us that you can’t check the continuity of an HMI light fixture’s globe with a clamp meter. What was really happening? We made the fix. Read the story about Hollywood lighting »

We strive to achieve accuracy; that’s our job. We check back with sources, experts review, but mistakes do happen sometimes. We fix them as quickly and as well we can. And…we’re very likely not to make the same mistake twice.

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Thank you for reading what we publish and for helping to improve it!