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From work to water heaters

By Jerry Evans

April 2007

The Fluke T5 is the most versatile meter for field technicians. Especially with the carrying case for the belt, it can almost handle any of the needs for electricians, HVAC technicians, and yes, even plumbers. As a shift electrician, I use the T5 constantly to troubleshoot all types of equipment. I even carry one in my personal truck. Then one time, my mother's hot water heater kept blowing a fuse. I arrived after the plumber and he was at a loss. Since the heater resistance on the hot water heater was what the manual said it should be, I checked the voltage across the fuse. I thought it was odd that it seemed to have about a 5 V drop across it. Plus, from experience I knew that old screw-in type fuses can be notorious for high resistance connections. So, I switched the wiring to a new fuse block just to test my theory and it was 15 amps less than what it was with the old fuse block. The old house fuses was actually causing the water heater fuses to blow because of the high resistance connection. I guess I'm an electrician thru and thru.