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Tracing power and harmonics with ScopeMeter test tool

Testing motor insulation with the 1587 Insulation Multimeter

By Mike Bertschinger

April 2007

When the Fluke ScopeMeter test tool arrived on the scene at our facility, it was a true blessing. We used this tool almost daily for many applications. Voltage monitoring, CNC drive TSP. Sine wave distortion, etc. In particular, we used the ScopeMeter to verify voltage drops in the facility, that came from the power company. Harmonics was a big problem on our CNC equipment - the ScopeMeter sorted out the distorted signal problem. The "fix" was single point grounding on all the equipment. The newest arrival has been the motor insulation Fluke 1587 meters. I have purchased three to date for our electricians and they are a great tool for the trade. The 1587 meters are very handy for testing motor insulation values - we have hundreds of motors and they are on critical equipment lines. Autocam's electricians cover two facilities and the 1587 allows them to do most of their testing - TS - with one tool - Quicker diagnosis -means quicker solutions. The ease of operation - the size of the meter -and the accuracy are top shelf.