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Three thermal imaging fast-reads

How can a thermal imager benefit you? Here are quick answers specific to you, whether you’re in petrochemical, restoration/remediation, or electrical utilities.

Pump up petro reliability with infrared

Whether it’s pumps, valves, or electrical connections, Fluke thermal imagers help ensure uninterrupted work. With the exception of occasional turnarounds, downtime is never an option in a petrochemical facility. Performing quick infrared spot checks can uncover potential failures before they happen, allowing you to make repairs during schedule shutdowns. Narrow down and rule out possible causes of problems faster by seeing the whole picture with infrared. Next time the control room calls with a problem, reach for infrared first…and skip the headache. Keep the petro pumping by frequently scanning critical equipment and troubleshooting problems in seconds. For quick tips, training and other resources for quicker and faster troubleshooting using infrared in the petrochemical industry, download this information.

Take your restoration and remediation business to the next level

How can a thermal imager save you time and help you build and improve your business? How about by scanning an entire room in minutes , instead of spending hours taking moisture meter readings? Or by providing detailed documentation using pictures that clients can easily understand? Or making it easy for contractors tasked with making repairs to re-locate problems and validating that repairs were done right? To find out more, including quick tips and training, download this information.

Keep the utility meters spinning

Performing quick spot checks of electrical components and connections can uncover potential failures before they happen; allowing you to schedule repairs when it’s convenient. Keep the utility meters spinning and reduce overtime by making scheduled repairs. Whether it’s substations, vaults or transmission lines, Fluke thermal imagers help ensure uninterrupted power. For quick tips on performing successful IR inspections, training and other resources, download this information.