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Simply superior: the Fluke P3 Series Thermal Imagers

August 1, 2011

One look at the display of one of the new Fluke P3 Series Thermal Imagers and you’ll find that the image of whatever you’re inspecting looks clearer than anything you’ve seen before. That’s because the newest P3 Series thermal imagers - the Fluke Ti27 and Ti29 (for industrial applications) and the Fluke Tir27 and Fluke Tir29 (for building diagnostics) - join the Ti32 and TiR 32 in leading the industry in thermal sensitivity and spatial resolution to deliver the sharpest images available. Yet they are easily affordable. With their large 3.7-inch (9.4 centimeter) VGA color and LCD display, the Ti27/TiR27 and Ti29/TiR29 deliver the clear, crisp, information-filled thermal images you need to effectively inspect, troubleshoot, and document many application areas including:

  • Indoor electrical distribution and service (switch gear, panels, controls, fuses, transformers, motor control centers and more)
  • Motors, pumps and mechanical equipment (electric motors and generators, pumps, compressors, evaporators, bearings, couplings, and more)
  • Process systems (tanks and vessels, pipes, valves and traps, reactors and refractory insulation)
  • HVAC/R (air conditioning, heating, air handlers, compressors, chillers, boilers, furnaces and refrigeration)
  • Outdoor electrical distribution for utilities (transformers, bushings, insulators, transmission lines, large circuit breakers, service connections, and more)

More than just another pretty picture

The P3 Series offers a lot more than just pretty pictures. P3 stands for Proven Practical Performance, and you’ll find that performance comes with a lot of innovative features that are a snap to put to work. These imagers offer the only on-camera blended infrared and visible light image available (auto blend), thanks to patented Fluke IR-Fusion® Technology. That means they capture a visible light image with every infrared image, so you can view either one separately or blend them together to view potential problems in greater detail.

Fluke Ti27 Thermal Imager   Fluke Ti29 Thermal Imager   Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager

Fluke Ti27 Thermal Imager


Fluke Ti29 Thermal Imager


Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager

Check out your viewing options:

  • Full IR mode to identify the problem in infrared only.
  • Auto Blend mode, a Fluke exclusive, provides automatic on-camera blending of visible light and infrared images, matching them pixel for pixel so that you can quickly pinpoint problems.
  • Picture-in-picture mode lets you create an IR window surrounded by a perfectly aligned visible light image to easily identify thermal anomalies in context of the surroundings.
  • Color alarms display an IR image only for temperatures that fall above or below a specified temperature level (depending upon model), or in between a specified range, leaving the rest of the scene as a fully visible light image.
P3 stands for Proven, Practical & Performance

The Fluke P3 Series. Six amazing models. One trusted name.

Easy to handle

With all of their sophisticated features, the P3 Series imagers are easy to use right out of the box. You can capture, review, and save images by simply pushing a button on the back of the imager. You can also switch between the 16 color palettes and 6 IR-Fusion modes, or even add a voice comment with the same pushbutton ease. If you want a wider view or close-up detail, just attach the optional wide-angle or telephoto lenses.

As you’d expect from Fluke, the P3 Series Imagers are ergonomically designed to be easy to work with and easy to hang onto. And of course they are “Torture Tested™” to prove that they can withstand a 6.5-foot (2-meter) drop and harsh environments, and go right on capturing images and giving you the data you need.

Fluke SmartView®software for the Fluke P3 Series

Fluke SmartView®software.

On demand reporting

Did we mention that the new P3 Series thermal imagers even make it easy to report your findings? Just like other Fluke thermal imagers, the new Ti27/29 and TiR27/29 models include easy to use, professional Fluke SmartView®software. You can use this suite of software tools to view, annotate, edit, and analyze IR images and generate professional looking reports in a few easy steps.

The included 2 GB SD memory card stores at least 3,000 basic infrared images (in .bmp or .jpg formats) or 1,200 fully radiometric (.is2 IR Fusion file format) infrared and linked visual images, each with 60 seconds of voice annotation. You even get a multi-function memory card reader (USB) as part of the package so you can easily download images to your laptop.

If you’ve been thinking about adding thermal imaging to your toolbox or need to replace an out-of-date, complicated thermal imager you already have, take a good look at the new Fluke P3 Series. You’ll get capabilities that you won’t find anywhere else and for a lot less money.