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It’s all about the resolution for new thermal imagers

With up to 2.5 times the resolution, TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras speed the assessment of equipment health

December 2015

The new Fluke TiS60 Infrared Camera is designed for technicians and contractors who need detailed images during quick scans.

The new Fluke TiS60 Infrared Camera is designed for technicians and contractors who need detailed images
during quick scans.

Whether it's the digital camera in your phone or an infrared camera, the same is true: more resolution makes a better picture. The critical difference is when you’re trying the diagnose the health of a piece of equipment with an infrared camera, the better the resolution the better your chances are of identifying a problem before it becomes a costly breakdown.

However, higher resolution has always meant higher price, so technicians have had to make the tradeoff between the resolution they need and the resolution they can afford.

That decision just got easier.

The Fluke TiS Performance Series offers eight new infrared cameras with higher resolution and performance at affordable prices.

Better image quality = better troubleshooting
The new TiS models — five fixed focus and three manual focus — deliver up to 2.5 times more pixels and a 70 percent improvement in distance-to-spot than the Fluke Ti1xx series cameras for better image quality to enhance identification of potential equipment problems in industrial and electrical maintenance, process industries, and in building applications.

They feature large 3.5-inch screens with 33 percent more viewing area than a 3-inch screen to help pinpoint issues while still in the field. The large display features one touch image access, which eliminates the need to scroll through a menu to view images. Some TiS models make it even faster to identify problems with IR-Fusion® Blending and PIP (picture-in-picture) mode to better analyze and clearly identify the location of any issue.

Unexpected power loss is a thing of the past with TiS replaceable smart batteries featuring a LED charge level indicator so you always know how much power is available before you start the job.

Wirelessly manage and store images
Image storage has never been easier. It starts with 4 GB of internal memory plus a 4 GB micro SD card, allowing storage of thousands of images in the camera. But the TiS Series is also part of the Fluke Connect® system — the industry’s largest system of software and wireless tools — which takes image management to an entirely new level. With the Fluke Connect app, TiS cameras can wirelessly upload images over WiFi to Fluke Connect Storage — 5 GB of free, secure storage that allows technicians to manage images and potentially reduce administrative time back in the office.

The Fluke Connect app allows you to capture multiple measurement types —including electrical, mechanical, vibration, temperature and thermal — and combine them all in one report. Reports can be created and emailed from the jobsite, eliminating the need to go back to the office to process reports.
Fluke Connect allows you to share images with the rest of the team in real time with ShareLive™ video calling, available as part of the Fluke Connects Assets subscription service, as well as look at trends per piece of equipment over time.

The Fluke Connect app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With the TiS Performance Series Infrared Cameras, you don’t have to trade price for performance. You get the rugged performance you expect from Fluke, increased resolution, a larger display to better analyze images at the work site, wireless storage, report generation in the field, and the collaboration of the Fluke Connect system — all for an affordable price.

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