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Five thermal imagers make it easy to find problems fast

August 2012

It's no secret that companies in virtually all industries today have fewer employees, doing more work, in a broader range of skill areas. It's not uncommon to see electricians doing HVAC troubleshooting and maintenance. Or to have HVAC techs doing millwright work. Time is in short supply. That means there's less time to learn new skills, to do preventive maintenance, to find problems, and ultimately, less time to repair problems when they're found.

That's why the new series of Fluke thermal imagers is attracting so much interest. The five imagers are easy to learn and to use. They're affordable. And they offer a wide enough range of capabilities that they can earn their keep in all kinds of plant and building applications, including:

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Electromechanical troubleshooting
  • Energy audits
  • Building inspections
  • Process monitoring and analysis

Ti110 and Ti125: For plant technicians and electricians

Plant technicians and electricians, who have to keep the plant running safely and efficiently, will find the Ti110 and Ti125 thermal imagers can detect changes in heating and heat distribution associated with these potential causes:

  • Phase unbalance, overloading, and harmonics in areas such as switchgear, transformers, electrical panels, and motor control centers
  • Degrading performance and component failure of fuses, capacitors, circuit breakers, relays, disconnects, and other electrical components
  • Loose, corroded, damaged, or other high-resistance electrical connections
  • Signs of bearing problems, shaft or coupling misalignment, belt or drive-train issues, and other abnormal heating in electromechanical systems such as motors, couplings, pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, pumps, conveyors, gearboxes, and chain drives
  • Ineffective insulation, refractory issues, obstructed flow, failed valves, leaks, and sludge buildup in process components such as steam lines, valves and traps, storage tanks, petrochemical equipment, and pharmaceutical equipment
  • Inefficient equipment giving off excessive waste heat, unexpected loss of conditioned air in HVAC systems and the building envelope, and general maintenance and efficiency issues found in furnaces, steam systems, radiators, boilers, air conditioners, heat exchangers, distribution ductwork, chillers, and refrigeration systems

TiR110 and TiR125: For building maintenance staff and inspectors

If you're responsible for maintaining and/or inspecting buildings or conducting energy audits you'll find the TiR110 and TiR125 thermal imagers help you locate air leaks in the building envelope and HVAC duct system, find and document hidden moisture in roofs, ceilings, walls, and floors, as well as discover and diagnose insulation and thermal bridging issues, construction defects, and other problems that can compromise the integrity or energy efficiency of a building.

Ti100: For general applications

Cost-conscious professionals who need a rugged, reliable and accurate thermal imager will be happy to know that the Ti100 thermal imager delivers incredible imaging at a great value. It is an affordable, ultra-rugged, one-handed professional thermal imager. It captures and displays images in full-screen infrared view and is focus free. It also includes a laser pointer that makes it easy to show customers or management where issues are occurring.

Innovation that you won't want to live without

Some technicians and engineers are a bit skeptical about why they need a thermal imager. But once they use a Fluke thermal imager, they wonder how they ever worked without it. That's because our development process starts with what the customer really wants and needs. As a result these new Fluke thermal imagers feature several breakthrough capabilities that you won't find elsewhere:

  • IR Optiflex™ focus system. To overcome the inconsistent results produced by many auto-focus IR cameras, Fluke developed the IR Optiflex focus system. This technology is optimized for distances of four feet and beyond, and has a manual one-finger focus option for inspections closer than four feet. Better focus means optimal accuracy and image clarity.
  • IR-Fusion® technology. The ability to combine visible and infrared images - on camera and on a computer - with IR-Fusion® Technology adds visual detail to identify changes and potential problems more easily. As a result, technicians can pinpoint issues more quickly and precisely, and analyze findings and communicate them more easily with other people.
  • Balanced one-handed operation. At 1.63 pounds (.7394 kg) these new thermal imagers are balanced to rest perfectly in your hand so that you can reach all buttons with a gloved thumb. They are also designed to be light enough to aim vertically or horizontally and use all day without wearing out your arm.
  • Video recording. The Ti110, Ti125, TiR110, and TiR125 models include standard mpeg-encoded AVI video recording, fully-radiometric video recording, and live video streaming to a PC so users can capture a piece of equipment or a process in motion for customer marketing materials, training, or insurance reports.
  • IR PhotoNotes™ annotation system. Rather than having to interrupt an inspection to take manual notes, the IR PhotoNotes annotation system captures digital images of the surrounding area and saves them with the infrared image to reference location or conditions at the location. This enables technicians to record details that words can't describe and save voice comments with those individual images for future reference.
  • Electronic compass. You can save the compass direction with the thermal image of the area you're inspecting to precisely relocate problem areas and include those locations in thermal images and reports.
  • SmartView® professional IR analysis and reporting software. You can use this modular suite of tools to view, annotate, edit and analyze your infrared images. The software comes with the thermal imager and includes unlimited licenses and free lifetime upgrades.

These new models feature rugged Fluke construction and have been designed to survive drops up to six feet and go right back to work. They also come complete with ac power adapter, lithium ion smart battery (two for Ti125 and one each for other models), USB cable, SD memory card, hard and soft carrying cases, and manual.

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