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Ruggedness drives product design

Fluke equipment is designed to be tough from the start. Each design element is specifically engineered to make its Fluke product tougher or safer.

Rounded corners and arced surfaces may spring from the imagination of our award-winning Industrial Design group, but they do more than make Fluke equipment look good. The ergonomically correct, fitted-to-the-hand shapes make each instrument easier to grip and more secure to hold.

Tool exteriors are made from ABS/Polycarbonate-blend plastics (think football helmets) and then wrapped in urethane "rubber" overmold or gripped by PVC holsters. After passing the rugged-ability requirements of the Fluke mechanical engineering team, Fluke products are ready to take a beating.

Fluke equipment is built Fluke Tough.
From the inside out.

And they do. No design is released to production until it has been wrung out in the Fluke Environmental Safety labs, where product prototypes and test units are subject to multiple drops, environmental stresses and your run-of-the-mill general abuse. All surfaces, fasteners and components - even the mounting brackets for the LCDs and circuit boards - are subjected to extremes beyond any they are expected to face in daily use.

Want to know more? Look inside for safety fuses, extra component spacing and rugged micro-components. Look outside for elastomeric keypads for ruggedness and durability, double-shot molded-in lenses to keep the elements out and break-away hinging to preserve the life of tilt-stands. You may also note how knobs and connectors are designed for ease of use and intuitive operation. What you won't see is how every Fluke product is engineered to provide enough physical isolation so they don't transfer shock and vibration to internal components. That's good for the tool, but even better for you.