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The best of Chuck Newcombe

A Chuck Newcombe retrospective

October 2011

Chuck Newcombe

What's happening in this picture? Find out in "Off the Wall" measurements »

Our columnist Chuck Newcombe has written some great articles, drawing on his experiences and experiments on the job and in the community. The results are worth a second look.

Pushing the limits with electronic ballasts. »
Chuck volunteers at a children’s museum a couple of days a week, where he brings his power quality testing experience to help solve a problem with electronic ballasts in the fluorescent ceiling fixtures.

The definitive word on the creative spark. »
Chuck helps E&S (Engineering and Science) magazine sort out voltage and currents in a plasma ball.

Can you live with the burden? »
One of the realities of electrical testing is that you can’t measure something without changing it in some way.

How hot is it? »
Maintaining standards for electrical and thermal measurements - and what that has to do with Uncle Bud’s potato cellar.

When (or where) does a 3-minute egg take 5 minutes to cook? »
The heat of vaporization.

Facts about True RMS measurement. »
There are some subtle points you should be aware of when making rms measurements.

I’m just a dairy farmer! »
But he has a clearer understanding of the importance of grounding and bonding issues and effects than many of us.

This isn’t all. Chuck keeps writing great articles, so stay tuned.
You’ll find his regular column each month on Fluke News Plus.