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Chuck Newcombe and theater lighting

April 2011

Chuck Newcombe

Our columnist, Chuck Newcombe, consistently comes up with interesting reading in his monthly column Beyond the Basics. But last month he surpassed his usual high standard with “The Show Must Go On.”

From tracing the action of a single bit, to summarizing what he learned about the system he was testing, Chuck makes the technical details easy to understand and quite entertaining.

Chuck recently retired after a long career with Fluke, during which he conducted extensive market research to aid in product definition and new product design. He particularly enjoyed “job shadowing” technicians in many different disciplines, to learn about new processes and the problems in maintaining them. His experience ranges from automated test system deployment and applications software development to production test system troubleshooting.

He has presented countless seminars on measurement methods and applications, and has over 10 years’ experience on the subject of power quality. He currently consults on measurement methods, including power quality, and continues to present seminars focusing on the effects of power harmonics.

He’s also guilty of TV and radio repair, automotive electrical system rebuilds, and some really off-the-wall stuff.

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