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Plant News cover page, Volume 9, Number 1

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Video: Fluke 810 Vibration Tester at Alpenrose »

Most common causes of machine vibration »

No training in vibration? No problem »

Volume 9, Number 1

Keeping a Complex Dairy Facility Running Smoothly »

Fluke 810 Vibration Tester keeps the good stuff flowing: proactive maintenance for pumps, motors, gearboxes and more.
Looking for power quality problems behind closed doors »

Tech Tips: Five Problems You Will Never Uncover with a Digital Multimeter »

Be prepared to use the right tool to uncover five vital measurements
that could be causing problems in your electrical distribution system.

How Much Does It Cost to Run That Equipment? » 

If you knew how much it cost to run that equipment—could you make better operational and maintenance decisions?

A Fresh Look at Power Quality Basics »

The fundamentals of how power quality issues affect the plant, how to detect them, and how to make them go away.

Using Clamp Meter Readings to Solve Problems
in the Plant »

A motor trips on overload. Visual and physical inspection reveals no abnormalities. What next?