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Fluke Plant News

Fluke Plant News - Volume 12, Number 1 - June 2013

Cover: Chipper Stohl, field service technician with AECI, troubleshoots with the Fluke CNX 3000 General Maintenance System.

Volume 12, Number 1

What do plastic, concrete, and wastewater have in common? More than you might think »

Here’s a great example of why it makes sense for manufacturers to maintain a relationship with a highly skilled electrical contractor that specializes in industrial systems.

Tech Tips: Filling the gap between an infrared thermometer and a thermal imager »

The innovative Fluke VT02 Visual Thermometer brings affordable infrared testing to technicians who once had to choose between the limitations of infrared (IR) thermometers and the cost of thermal imagers.

Understanding the benefits of vibration monitoring and analysis »

How to implement condition-based maintenance so you can find a machine condition fault, then schedule a repair when it’s needed—not too early and not too late.

Taking a wireless approach gets to the root of the problem faster »

Putting the Fluke CNX 3000 General Maintenance System kit to the test to see how the tools measure up to day-to-day tasks of an industrial electrician.

The power generation process from plant to distribution »

Diagram to help you troubleshoot, calibrate, document, test, measure, and maintain a power generation system.

Power reliability for facility managers »

A facility manager and electrical team can determine the level of risk they likely face, and with measurement data they can make the best maintenance decision for the organization’s bottom line.