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Plant News cover page, Volume 11, Number 1

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Calibration for the Rest of Us »

Volume 11, Number 1

You've Never Seen a Plant Like This Before »

The National Ignition Facility (NIF) has a "manufacturing" process that uses "shots" of laser energy focused on a target the size of a BB to create nuclear fusion reactions. Top-level maintenance and calibration are essential.

Tech Tips: How Hot? Use the Spot »

Easier for the user: an IR thermometer with dual lasers defines the outer edges of the measurement spot.

Texas Power Consultant Keeps Uninterruptible Power Supplies Up and Running »

Critical systems run smoothly with regular maintenance and reliable tools.

Peak Efficiency Cogeneration »

Optimize "combined heat and power" with measurement and maintenance in three key areas.

Energy Waste You Didn't Even Know About. Do You Care? »

How to avoid generating and paying for power that's affected by harmonics and load unbalance.


Travis Averill of the National Ignition Facility (NIF) uses Fluke instruments to keep laser test shots firing with utmost accuracy.