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Fluke Plant News

Fluke Plant News - Volume 13, Number 1 - September 2014


Volume 13, Number 1

Managing Machines That Run the Gamut of Manufacturing Processes »

Every time you speed down the freeway or fly in the stratosphere, chances are your trip is made possible in part by technologies from L&L Products. Go behind the scenes where troubleshooting versatility is required.

Tech Tips: Safety at an Asphalt Plant »

It didn't look like a major safety issue—it was an intermittent problem that tripped the breaker and interrupted power to a motor driving the dust filtration system at an Ohio asphalt plant. Read the first-person account.

Building a Sustainable Hardwood Industry One Tree at a Time »

By design, the Zena sawmill's capacity matches the capacity of the forest it's in. The first challenge was getting industrial-strength electrical service at the last meter on the power line; then maintaining optimum equipment performance.

Asset Uptime for the Rest of Us »

There's the ideal predictive maintenance program, and there's reality most of us manage while we work toward it. This article is about how to get excellent asset uptime with the maintenance and reliability resources at your disposal.

Four Must-Have Measurement Practices for the Mechanical Maintenance Team »

Each of these four tests provides information about different aspects of the system. The measurements overlap and relate in such a way that they can help you troubleshoot the root cause of just about any motor problem.