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Keeping welding machine operators safe with Fluke ScopeMeter® Portable Oscilloscopes

December 2011

Cutting and welding in underground and surface mines puts workers at unavoidable risk. Ensuring the safety of the workers conducting this type of work in mines is of critical importance for the operation of the mine, and for the workers, their families, and communities.

Capability Resources, in partnership with Fluke Australia, assists mine operators to ensure the safety of their workers when cutting and welding.

There are numerous guidelines and standards that Australian mine operators must comply with, which include standards relating to safety in welding and safe working in confined spaces.

This application note looks at using Fluke ScopeMeter® oscilloscopes to test and assess welding equipment in heavy industrial and mining environments.

Read the complete application note, Keeping welding machine operators safe in Australian Industry with Fluke ScopeMeters (.pdf) »