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Plant News for You: Here’s What’s in Volume 13, Number 1

September 2014

You work at a plant. Or you're a contractor who works at several plants. Perhaps you keep the controls and electrical systems running, or you operate process machinery, or you're responsible for the HVAC system. Or you're the plant manager.

Whatever your role, if it's related to the operation of a plant, then Fluke Plant News is for you. This industry-specific newsletter is planned, researched, and written for you.

The new Fluke Plant News—Volume 13, Number 1—has just been published. It's accessible online as a flip book, as an HTML edition, and as articles in PDF format. Videos enhance the information. If you subscribe to the print edition, your copy has been mailed.

What's in this edition?

The cover story is about managing machines that run the gamut of manufacturing processes at a company with unique expertise in static sealing, acoustics, vibration reduction, and composite components used in automotive, aerospace, large commercial vehicles, and other industrial applications. At L&L Products, the electrical controls engineer and team support the equipment on the manufacturing floor and manage the retrofitting and upgrading of those machines.

On a very different scale, find out about a small but mighty sustainable sawmill operation where the owner is in charge of equipment maintenance and repair—and of converting single-phase to three-phase power.

The tech tip is a first-person account of an arc flash incident at an asphalt plant.

There's the ideal predictive maintenance program, and there's reality most of us manage while we work toward it. "Asset Uptime for the Rest of Us" is about how to get excellent asset uptime with the maintenance and reliability resources at your disposal.

We provide four must-have measurements for the mechanical maintenance team. The measurements overlap and relate in such a way that, taken in conjunction with one another, they can help you troubleshoot the root cause of just about any motor problem.

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