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article- Fluke Plant News - July 2011 - Volume 10, Number 1

July 1, 2011

This edition of Fluke Plant News (Volume 10, Number 1) is packed with timely, usable, and even entertaining (!) information for you.

Read two stories you can relate to: how a leading mechanical service and temperature control company helps its clients steer clear of trouble; and how a brewery founded in 1829 runs a lean operation today.
ENTEC and Fluke 1555 deliver cold hard facts »
Yuengling brews up a winning maintenance approach »

In answer to your requests, we have an article about determining load horsepower, wiring, and breaker size for safe and efficient installations. Expert Randy Barnett explains why this statement just isn’t true: “Let’s just oversize the motor and we can run it lightly loaded—that will save us some money and be easier on the motor.”
Determining load horsepower, wiring, and breaker size »

Take a look at a set of infrared images that show how to save thousands of dollars, revealing hidden pitfalls such as a sticky roller bearing or improperly operating heating coils.
Infrared images worth thousands of dollars in saved downtime »

The Tech Tips section in this issue tells you about intrinsically safe tools, important information for anyone who works in an industry where flammable materials are present.
Curb explosive potential with intrinsically safe tools »

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