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What's in the new Fluke HVAC News - March 2012

Fluke HVAC News - Volume 7, Number 1

March 2012

Want to find out more about the team that keeps racing conditions competitive at Utah Olympic Park’s bobsled track? Refresh your knowledge about harmonics—measuring them and interpreting the results? See how energy efficiency is achieved in an environment where imperfect conditions can mean the loss of irreplaceable artwork? Focus on a chiller’s test points and the right tools to use for testing?

You’ll find all of this, and more, in the new edition of Fluke HVAC News (Volume 7, Number 1).

Air, ice, and steel. It’s about maintaining ideal conditions for competitors who flash down the $25 million race course at speeds as high as 90 miles (145 km) per hour. And focusing on the all-important temperature of the track and sled runners at the starting line. For the safety and fair play of all involved in these competitions, accuracy and consistency of measurements are paramount. Check out the challenge »

Harmonics can impact every type of HVAC equipment. We cover harmonic currents and the electrical distribution system, troubleshooting, and what to do when you find excessive harmonics. Use our concise guide to measuring and interpreting harmonic numbers. Get in tune with harmonics »

Perfecting the art of energy efficiency. The Figge Art Museum, a civic landmark, meets high standards of temperature and humidity control. Achieving ideal temperature and humidity conditions not only safeguards the art, but has paid back in lower energy costs and energy efficiency incentives. Read the complete story »

Is the chiller in your facility as efficient as possible? Our diagram of a centrifugal chiller (the most common type of chiller for large tonnage commercial and industrial cooling systems) shows you exactly where the best test points are for troubleshooting and maintenance. Take a look »

Understanding, measuring, and interpreting harmonics. When a facility starts adding controls and electronics, it introduces harmonics into the power distribution system that might cause performance issues with other equipment in the system. See how to detect the problem and make a convincing case for implementing a solution »

And one more thing...would you like to know how much energy that high-efficiency chiller wastes? Yes, we said waste.

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