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Special Edition of Fluke Plant News

August 2012

We've put together a special edition of Plant News to run in Plant Services magazine this month.

The special edition brings together some of the best articles from recent issues.

The cover story describes how a power consultant in Texas keeps uninterruptible power supplies up and running, including how the company is helping one of its long-time customers more than double the size of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system in its plant.
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Tech Tips, How hot? Use the spot. Easier for the user, an infrared (IR) thermometer with dual lasers defines the outer edges of the measurement spot. Improved targeting improves accuracy.
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A Pennsylvania brewery with a winning maintenance approach uses very lean operations to win against mega-brewers many times its size.
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Your infrared images could be worth thousands of dollars in saved downtime. Check out examples of what to look for - signs of intermittent problems or major events.
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How much does it cost to run that equipment? If you know the costs then you can make better operational and maintenance decisions. Find out how to determine costs.
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