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It’s here! Fluke Plant News, Volume 12, Number 1

June 2013

HVAC News V8#1

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HVAC News V8#1

The cover story is a great example of why it makes sense for manufacturers to maintain a relationship with a highly skilled electrical contractor that specializes in industrial systems. Whether the facility does plastic injection molding, manufactures plastic components, or keeps wastewater moving, AECI (near Chicago) supports it.


With condition-based maintenance, machines are measured with methods such as vibration analysis, which don't require tearing a machine down to find out its condition. When a machine condition fault comes up, a repair is scheduled when it's needed - not too early and not too late.

insulation testers

Whether the power originates from coal, nuclear energy, or natural gas, the end result is delivery to a transformer and power distribution. This power generation process diagram illustrates the steps as steam flows one way, cooled water returns; then turbines, generators, condensers, and pumps play their parts.

insulation testers

Facility managers must make the best decisions for the organization's bottom line, and power reliability is an important factor in those decisions. A facility manager and electrical team can determine the level of risk they likely face compared to the level of risk they are comfortable with, and with measurement data they can make the best decisions.

maintenance and troubleshooting

The Tech Tips for this issue discusses filling the gap between an infrared thermometer and a thermal imager, as a way to bring affordable infrared testing to technicians who once had to choose between the limitations of infrared (IR) thermometers and the cost of thermal imagers.