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Tips for successful logging with CNXTM wireless test tools

Using the CNX PC SW3000 software

October  2013

The CNX PC SW3000 software is part of the Fluke CNX pc3000 PC Adapter and Software. The information here applies to the CNX PC SW3000 software. With this software you can collect measurements from up to 10 remote measurement modules. With an optional purchase, FlukeView® Forms Documenting Software, you can do many of the operations (such as setting the logging interval) for all modules in one step. You can learn more about the overall testing process via a related article about using CNX in a real-world situation at Fluke: Send us all of the CNX™ current modules you can spare!

Before you begin logging

For connecting to multiple modules to be used for logging where time correlation is important it is best to connect to all modules first before the logging session is started. This will sync the module time to the pc's internal clock.

  1. Using the CNX PC SW3000 software, connect to the CNX modules you wish to use for logging. This may take multiple sessions if you have more than 10 modules.
  2. Select each module (left-click Device Name), one at a time, to bring up the Module configuration box. When a module is connected to the CNX PC SW3000 software, the module's internal clock is set (synced) to the PC's clock.
    • For extended logging it is best to start with fresh batteries. Once the batteries are depleted the internal clock will need to be reset through the sync process.
    • Once the batteries are removed the clock is reset to a default date of January 1, 1970.
  3. The CNX application software enables you to modify the configuration for a module or to download the logged data to your pc. You can:
    • Change the device name
    • Set the logging interval
    • Set the logging duration
    • Clear memory
    • Download the logged data

  4. Within the dialog box you can change the module's internal name. The factory default name for a module is a generic model name. For example, all iFlex™ modules are named i3000.
    • a3000—current clamp module
    • i3000—iFlex module
    • v3000—AC Voltage module
    • t3000—Temperature module
  5. Set the interval and duration for logged readings
    • Logging Interval—The module logs data at a time interval set in this field. The interval can be set in minutes and seconds. The CNX Module stores four values for each interval selected.
      • Minimum
      • Maximum
      • Average
      • Time and Date
    • Duration—The module logs data for the duration set in this field. The duration can be set in days, hours, and minutes. The CNX modules will continue to log for the duration selected or until the memory is full.
    • Repeat for all CNX modules that will be used in the logging session.
  6. Clear the memory. If memory is not cleared then a new session will begin, but with less available memory—the module will stop logging when the memory is filled.

After logging session is complete

  1. Using the CNX PC SW3000 software, connect to the CNX modules used during your logging session. This may take multiple sessions if you have more than 10 modules.
  2. Left click on DOWNLOAD, which will unbind all other modules..
  3. Choose destination folder for download file.
    • The file is saved in a .CSV file format.
    • Depending on how much of the memory is used, the download can take up to 15 minutes.
  4. Once the download is complete, re-connect, using the CNX PC SW3000 software, to the CNX modules used during your logging session and repeat the download for the remaining CNX modules.