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Welcome to one of the new evolving feature of Fluke Plus!


Welcome to one of the evolving new features of Fluke News Plus!

GeekFeeds lists interesting web sites, forums, feeds, and blogs that relate to test and measurement applications. We will endeavor to screen out promotional sites and feature only web pages devoted to problem-solving, education, and general discussion.

The links listed here now are just a beginning. Please send us your recommendations for favorite sites that feed your interests, work or hobby.
**Please include a summary of why you like the site and what it typically features.

Click on any of the titles below to view the website.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed
Video or TV
The online resource of Control Magazine.
Chemical Processing
Provides insight and guidance for plant design and process optimization.
Plant Engineering
Provides information on automation, electrical systems, mechanical operations and maintenance.
ACHR The News
The News is a weekly magazine for HVACR contractors.
Maintenance Solutions
Great for facilities and HVAC.
T&D World
Focuses on overhead, underground, operations, automation developments, safety, and training for the transmission and distribution segments of the electric utility industry.
Plant Services
Plant performance, reliability, efficiency and management.
Test & Measurement World
Provides industry news and information for engineers in electronics test and measurement across several industries.
Covers the National Electrical Code, power quality, motors and controllers, lighting and more.
Resources for industrial automation, process control and instrumentation.
Electronics Design, Strategy, News

DIY Home Improvement Information
Electrical Knowledge Forum
Geared toward professional electricians helping electricans.
Fluke Tool Talk
Fluke's Test & Measurement Tool Users Community.
Electrician Talk
Professional electrical contractor's forum.
Eng-Tips Forums
Intelligent work forums for engineering professionals.
The Electricity Forum
Designed to engage the electrical industry: utility and non-utility power producers, electrical professionals in industrial, commercial and institutional power consuming companies.
Control Engineering
Control Engineering is a magazine for engineers in all industries who buy, specify, design and maintain automation, control and instrumentation devices, networks, systems, and software for automated process, manufacturing, and hybrid solutions.