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Electronics Technician Survey Results

The electronics technicians who participated in our recent survey told us that they’d like to see the results of the survey.

Most of the respondents (77%) work in electronic device installation, commissioning, or troubleshooting in maintenance. We asked what topics about their career area interest them most, and found that 76% prefer science and technology updates, 67% like training and education, and 66% want industry news.

The science, engineering, and technology topic area that interested them most (88%) was electricity and electronics, followed by gadgets at 69% and computers at 66%. Their hobby interest was almost evenly split between home maintenance and improvement (64%) and electronics projects and experimentation (62%). Of all the types of vehicles we asked about, automobiles interested the most people (69%).

Thanks again to all the people who took the survey, and congratulations again to the lucky winners of Fluke C550 Premium Tool Bags !

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